I really like the Fairway Villages concept but my big worry is – will I have the security of tenure I enjoy now, living in my own home?



At a Fairway Village you OWN your home and the title will be in your name only. It is your own home. You will also have unlimited use of all common property, parks and amenities, which is included in your Contract of Sale. This is a strong selling point for your home if you decide to leave the village at any time in the future.



Every retirement village we’ve looked at comes with “strings attached” like Sinking Funds or a rule that part of any sale profit or Deferred Management Fund goes back to the Developer or the Village. How does Fairway Villages measure up on that score?



Fairway Villages are different. There is no “Lease for Life” – and that means there are no Deferred Management Fees, Sinking Funds or Profit / Capital Sharing with anyone if or when you sell your home. Every cent of the sale proceeds is yours (less standard Real Estate Agent’s fees) - your home is an investment that benefits you or your family – and no one else.



Can we sell our home?



You own your home and you can sell it at any time. You make arrangements in the same way you would when selling any home or property you own. You engage an agent, advertise your property, identify a buyer, accept an offer and bank your proceeds. However, we believe that those who buy into Fairway Villages will be there for many years!



Can you explain the HOUSE and LAND package?



When you buy in The Green, the purchase is completed in two stages.

  1. The land is purchased first and the title passes directly to you from the Developer on settlement. The Stamp Duty you pay is reduced by more than 50% because the duty applies to the land only.

  2. You pay for your home when it is built and ready to move into.


What are the rules about age?



There are safeguards to make sure The Green is an Over-55’s lifestyle village. A full explanation is provided in the contract.



Is there parking for trailers and caravans?



Yes. We have ample caravan, trailer and boat parking on a first come, first served basis. Full details are available in the contract.



In terms of location, what does The Green have that is so special?



The Green benefits from its unique setting, being adjacent to the Lakelands Country Club. The design of the estate has taken full advantage of this with many homes having a view of the Golf Course with rear lane access allowing for uninterrupted views from living areas and courtyards. Wide landscaped walking paths throughout the Village provide views and a connection to the course, making the most of this wonderful location.


Homeowners will be able to enjoy the Country Club’s Social and Sporting facilities. Along with the new Community Centres, there are plans to refurbish and upgrade the Lakelands Country Club. New facilities and services for the benefit of members and the local community will make the Lakelands Country Club offerings truly outstanding.


Please refer to the brochure and specifically the location page showing all amenities within a 5km radius of The Green.



PLEASE CALL 1300 499 435

The Green at Lakelands Country Club

Clubhouse Lane, Gnangara WA

Please call 1300 499 435 for an appointment.
Open 10.00am to 4.00pm
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