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“Fairway Villages set the standard,” says Bob Maumill

I’ve always been a touch apprehensive about endorsing and advertising for developers. Often their performance fails to match the promise and I don’t like that. Before I agreed to join the team at Fairway Villages I needed to know if the company behind The Green had a track record in delivering what they promised.

Bob Maumill

The College Park Model

With that in mind I walked through College Park. What I saw was impressive, people were enjoying a lifestyle free of the restrictions and encumbrances of some other retirement villages.

But I wasn’t convinced. There had to be a catch. So, I prepared a check list of the things I would want if I opted for a retirement village lifestyle.

Reaching our senior years and moving to a secure community in beautiful surroundings with first class facilities sounds good, but it should not mean losing freedom and independence. And it should not mean leaving behind your pets.


So that was my first question. “Are pets allowed?” Answer, “YES”.

Next question “Can grandchildren visit” Answer, “YES”.

So far so good, “What about those people who like to travel, is there room for their caravan?” Answer: “There’s generous provision for caravans – there will be a dedicated area open to residents”.

That all sounded good, but do residents of Fairway Villages get a title deed in their name? Answer “YES”.

OK, someone buys in, and for reasons unforeseen they have to sell, can they set their price and choose their agent? Answer “YES”.

No Hidden Costs

If a resident sells do they have to pay opt out fees? Answer, “NO”. And there are NO Deferred Management Fees; NO Sinking Fund payments and NO Termination Fees!

Can a resident bequeath the asset to a family member or friend? Answer “YES”.

So, residents make all the decisions about buying and selling their Fairway Village asset? Answer “YES”.


I was running out of questions, so I asked to see the site where the next Fairway Village, The Green, will be built.

If you are a golfer or simply like socialising in a convivial club atmosphere and want somewhere very pleasant to live, you will love this.

The village will be built on land within the magnificent precincts of the Lakelands Country Club and golf course.

Do The Green residents get access to the Country Club and golf course? Answer, “Better than that, purchasers will receive one senior and one junior five-year membership”.

At that point, I had exhausted my list of questions. I’m sure there are lots more that prospective buyers will have, and, as always, when making a major investment I recommend people do their own research before making a commitment.

But from what I have seen and learned, Fairway Villages is setting a new standard in retirement villages, giving you the choice and security to live your life your way.



PLEASE CALL 1300 499 435

The Green at Lakelands Country Club

Clubhouse Lane, Gnangara WA

Please call 1300 499 435 for an appointment.
Open 10.00am to 4.00pm
7 days a week





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